September 2007
Donnerstag · 10:30 Uhr

Meisterkurs für Liedgesang Thomas Quasthoff


Meisterkurs für Liedgesang Thomas Quasthoff



Brigitte Corneo

Jean-Sebastien Dureau

Maria Escobar Felip

Caroline Gesert

Frederic Gindraux

Susanne Gritschneder

Katherina Landl

Valentina Modestova

Diana Petrova

Elisa Rapado-Jambrina

Ina Stachelhaus

Thomas Tatzl

Manuel Walser


Dozent Gesang
Dozent Klavier
»If you relish the idea of being in the company of world-class musicians as they, like you, revel in the intimacy and staggering beauty of this festival, then book early for next year.«

The Guardian, Großbritannien