May 1997
Sunday · 11:00 am

Adrienne Soós und Ivo Haag Piano

Schloß Achberg
Piano recital

Adrienne Soós und Ivo Haag Piano

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)

Ouverture »im italienischen Stile« in D, D 592

Eight variations on an own theme in A-flat, D 813

Ouverture »im italienischen Stile« in C, D 597

Allegro in A minor, D 947 »Lebensstürme«

Fantasy in F minor, D 940

»If you relish the idea of being in the company of world-class musicians as they, like you, revel in the intimacy and staggering beauty of this festival, then book early for next year.«

The Guardian, UK