May 2012
Saturday · 08:00 pm

»Der Fall Richard Strauss« (»Collaboration«)

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»Der Fall Richard Strauss« (»Collaboration«)

»Der Fall Richard Strauss«

Play by Ronald Harwood

German translation by Max Faber


Adaptation and direction

Klaus Gmeiner



Peter Hohberger - Richard Strauss

Vera Schweiger - Pauline, his wife

Leo Braune - Stefan Zweig

Anna Kathrin Elsässer - Lotte Altmann

Robert Kolar - Hans Hinkel, special representative


The scenes are set in Garmisch, Salzburg, Dresden, and Petropolis



On the occasion its world premiere in 2008, Collaboration was hailed by the critics as a »work of genius«. The internationally acclaimed play by the Academy Award winning British playwright Ronald Harwood sheds light on the collaboration between the Jewish author and Richard Strauss under the Nazi regime in the early 1930's, seeking to fathom out the complicated interdependence of art and politics. At the Markus Sittikus Hall, the drama will be presented in a semi-staged version arranged and directed by Klaus Gmeiner.

»Bei diesem Festival trifft sich, was in der Welt des Gesangs Rang und Namen hat.«

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland