August 2022
Friday · 08:00 pm

Emerson String Quartet

Chamber concert

Emerson String Quartet

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)


Violin Sonata in A minor, D 385 »Sonatine«

Allegro moderato


Menuetto (Allegro) with trio


Philip Setzer (violin) and Paul Watkins (piano)


Sonata in A minor, D 821 »Arpeggione-Sonate«

Allegro moderato

Adagio – Allegretto

Lawrence Dutton (viola) and Paul Watkins (piano)




String Quartet in G, D 887

Allegro molto moderato 

Andante un poco mosso

Scherzo (Allegro vivace) with trio (Allegretto)

Allegro assai

First violin: Eugene Drucker


Emerson String Quartet
© Jurgen Frank

Eugene Drucker (Violine)
Philip Setzer (Violine)
Lawrence Dutton (Viola)
Paul Watkins (Violoncello und Klavier)

»Schwarzenberg, with its deep valleys, pine forests, rural atmosphere, towering peaks and fast-flowing streams, is a venue Schubert would have felt at home.«

Limelight, Australia