May 2015
Sunday · 10:00 am

Music research and practice in dialogue

Music workshop (II)

Music research and practice in dialogue

How important are the different editions of Schubert's lieder for their rendition?


In dialogue with pianist Graham Johnson, this question will be discussed by the staff of the New Schubert Edition. After the intermission, the most important aspects will be explained in detail and put into practice with the support of Carolina Ullrich and Benjamin Appl. The workshop will be held in German.


FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)

Meeres Stille (Goethe), D 215 A

Meeres Stille (Goethe), D 216

Labetrank der Liebe (Stoll), D 302

An die Geliebte (Stoll), D 303

Wiegenlied (Körner), D 304

Mein Gruß an den Mai (Kumpf), D 305

Skolie (Deinhardstein), D 306

Die Sternwelten (Fellinger), D 307

Die Macht der Liebe (Kalchberg), D 308

»The Schubertiade can easily become the passion of a lifetime, not to say mildly addictive.«

The Daily Telegraph, UK