June 2004
Wednesday · 04:00 pm

Trio Fontenay
Jonathan Lemalu Baritone

Lieder recital / Chamber concert

Trio Fontenay
Jonathan Lemalu Baritone


Folk songs for solo voice, piano, violin and violoncello


From Scotland:

Could this ill world have been constriv’d (Hogg)

Sunset (Scott)

O Mary at thy window be? (Burns)

Oh sweet were the hours (Smyth)


From Ireland:

Morning a cruel turmoiler is (Boswell)

Pulse of an Irishman (Boswell)

Oh harp of Erin (Thornson)

Thy kiss, dear maid (Lord Byron)

Good night (Spencer)


– Intermission –


FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)

Piano Trio in E-flat, D 929


Trio Fontenay

   Michael Mücke (violin)
   Jens Peter Maintz (violoncello)
   Wolf Harden (piano)

»Durch eine selten gewordene Kontinuität und hohe Qualität zeichnet sich die Schubertiade in Vorarlberg aus.«

Opernwelt, Germany