Graf Markus Sittikus IV. von Hohenems (oil painting by A. Mascagni)  © Schloßverwaltung Hellbrunn
© Schloßverwaltung Hellbrunn
Graf Markus Sittikus IV. von Hohenems (oil painting by A. Mascagni)

The permanent exhibition at the downstairs and upstairs foyers revolves around Salzburg's Price Archbishop Markus Sittikus of Hohenems, and his familiy's heyday in the 16th and 17th century. Markus Sittikus significantly shaped Salzburg's cityscape by commissioning the building of the cathedral and Hellbrunn Castle, and, by presiding over the first opera performances oustide of Italy, laid the foundation for the city's great opera tradition. The Markus Sittikus Hall ranks among the best chamber music and lieder recital halls in the world. The garden on the hall's back side, with its fountains and open air hedge theatre, is meant to be a reminiscence of the ample and long gone parks that Count Kaspar of Hohenems, Markus Sittikus' brother, had planted in the vicinity of the Palace.

Detailed Information on Markus Sittikus (PDF, in German)

Opening hours

The exhibition at the Markus Sittikus Hall is open to concert goers two hours prior to every performance, as well as during intervals.

»Die Zuhörer kommen buchstäblich aus der ganzen Welt, weil sie in ihrer Heimat genau das nicht finden, was die Schubertiade bietet.«

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