Ticket orders 

General information on ticket orders

Ticket orders

Ticket orders may be placed by phone, mail, fax or email and via our website.
Phone: +43 5576 72091 | Fax: +43 5576 75450 | email: info@schubertiade.at


Please make your payment upon receipt of the invoice by bank transfer, postal order or credit card (VISA and MasterCard only). No cheques accepted. After in-payment you will receive your tickets in the mail. On request, paid tickets can also be deposited at the ticket office for pickup.

The following administration fees (including postage rate) apply:
€ 2 for bookings from Austria
€ 3 for bookings from Europe and Switzerland
€ 9 for bookings from overseas

Ticket refunds and exchanges

There are no ticket refunds or exchanges. Tickets to sold-out concerts may be returned for attempted resale with no success guarantee. If resale is successful, we will refund you with 85% of the ticket value. Please note that cast and/or programme changes do not entitle ticket holders to return or exchange tickets.

Ticketing privileges for Patrons

Priority orders by patrons are limited to two tickets per concert and will be handled as regular orders if they haven't reached the ticket office before August 3, 2018. Orders with equal priority will be processed according to their date of receipt. Confirmed orders can not be changed but have to be cancelled and placed again.

More information on the Association of Friends and Patrons


For selected events, which will be announced at www.schubertiade.at approximately four weeks in advance, the Schubertiade offers reduced tickets (€ 7 in all categories) for pupils, students and apprentices aged 26 or younger. Please note that a valid ID must be presented upon ticket purchase or pickup.

Dress code

We kindly ask you to dress in accordance to the festive character of the concerts.

Photos and audio/video recordings

It is strictly prohibited to take photos or audio/video recordings during any Schubertiade performance. Ticket holders agree to be represented in possible official photos and video recordings, which the Schubertiade may use for advertising purposes.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones and all other sound producing devices (including the signal function of watches) must be turned off prior to a performance.

Hearing aids

Guests using hearing aids are kindly asked to ensure the volume is set correctly in order to avoid interferences.

Late admission

Guests arriving late will be admitted to the hall during the intermission only.